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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hey guys,its been a while huh..Sorry for not updating this blog anymore,i move to tumblr and now i'll be blogging here again.YAY! Thas all for now :)

1:45 PM

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey guys,its been a while aku inda update this blog.Biasa busy as usual heehee ;] At the moment kami still exam week so yeah paksa tah ku buka buku saja -___- Oh yeah,my hamster die last month so to replace them i want to buy a pair of guinea pig.They are so cute!!!! Can't wait to have them in my life!

Oh well thats it,nothing much to say really...BYE!

10:35 PM

Sunday, March 07, 2010


Seriously...Few of my old BIG friends (XD) is now like kurus sudah,dam guys!! JELES KUUUUUU!! Altho i'm not really fat but for me im FAT! Shape parut apa lagi,no comen hahaha! I truly bangga with you guys seriously!

I really need to do some work out and dieting...I've tried it SO many times already but always end up with nothing,none,0!

I'm going to try it again and hope it work out perfectly this time,amin!!.Let see if im strong enough and have the patient.Wish me luck :)

10:53 PM

Sunday, February 28, 2010

I wish i can have the money buuuttttt too bad its for my car. Hahaaa~

10:26 PM

BBQ day with the geng!

Finally our BBQ plan is a success.We have plan this for a few months already and its always a fail since we have no money *haha* So yesterday we went BBQ at Pantai Berakas.So many people there since its public holiday.We spend around $100+...I know i know,over kan kami ah hohoho!

Nothing much to say except i have fun and ver kanyang at the end of the day XD

For more picture please click here.

10:02 PM

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

22 & 23 moment!

Fuhh yesterday was crazy!!! Went to sleep at Brunei Hotel at Bandar with nas & her classmate.We rent 2 room there for a day.Be asak2 bah kami d bilik atuu mcm apa and our room is sooo hot.That night,kami liat horror movie in our room using lapy,forget the name.I think its "santau"..Not really scary,its like paranormal activity kinda of movie.Afterward we decided to go to the gerai but unfortunately most of the gerai close.Went back to the hotel and begila2 until morning.Nada be tdo bah kami >,>

So the next day nas and her friends ada perbarisan at padang since its BRUNEI NATIONAL DAY today.Aku tdo masih tuuu sma and some of the guys yg nda ikut bebaris *haha*

Since i'm lazy to upload the picture just Click here!

12:16 AM

Monday, February 22, 2010


*sigh* I don't know why but for some reason aku a bit kusut this morning.Was planing to go to school today but inda tia jadi.Dalam kerita ku lagi start engine sudah with my school overall =,= So back to sleep!!

8:00 AM


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